iPhone Forensics

In addition to its work with the Windows and Android platforms, BlackBag Technologies has long been an industry-leading source for iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch forensic tools and training. This page includes links to our own iPhone forensic resources, as well as several iPhone forensic resources available on the Web.

Need to acquire and analyze an iOS device? Mobilyze, BlackBag’s mobile device triage tool, can accomplish the job, and with a minimal learning curve for those with limited digital forensics experience. The Mobilyze case can then be brought into BlackLight for more comprehensive analysis. Alternatively, the iOS device can be acquired directly into BlackLight. Either tool offers logical acquisition capability for iOS devices.

iPhone Forensic Tips, Tricks, Tools, and Training

Running OS X on your analysis system? Take a look at the blog: “Using QuickTime to Create Screen Captures of iOS Devices.”

Are you aware of the security changes Apple implemented with iOS 8 and how they limit the amount of data that can be acquired? For details, see the following blog: "iOS 8 and its Impact on Investigations" as well as these followups on changes in iOS 8.3: “Changes Examiners Face with iOS 8.3” and “iOS 8.3 Effects, Visualized.”

You may also wish to check out: SIM-Switching on iPhones and Encrypted Backup Password and PIN Code - Not the Same Thing.

Head over to our blog page for more forensic tips and information covering various platforms.

iPhone Forensics - Additional Resources

iOS Device Troubleshooting

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