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Device Connections

Need to see what iPhones, USB and other devices have been connected to a machine? Check out this 1 minute video on how easy this actionable intel is to locate in BlackLight.


File Downloads

Need to know which files the user has downloaded? Easily view downloaded files history in BlackLight!


User Accounts

View a quick list of what accounts are associated with your case - from Windows Logon info to social media accounts from iOS devices - they are all shown on the User Account view in BlackLight.


System Logs

Windows or Mac, no matter the platform, BlackLight has your system logs parsed and ready to view. Check out this 1 minute video on how to see system logs after processing.


WiFi Information

Want to know which WiFi a device last connected to and when? Or maybe if they've ever connected to specific WiFi devices. Do both in BlackLight's WiFi view.


Windows Jump Lists

Jump right into Windows Forensics with BlackLight! Today’s tip of the day is how to review jump lists artifacts.


Top Contacts

Want to know which email, call and message contacts are seen most frequently on a device? Let BlackLight show you the Top Contacts automatically.


Tear Off Window

View All The Data!! Use BlackLight's tear off feature to display multiple content views for a file or detach and expand the content view on a second monitor.


Windows Memory Artifacts

Working a case with data exfiltration or peer-to-peer activity? See how Windows Memory Analysis in BlackLight can help.


Windows Prefetch & Superfetch

Leverage what Windows OS already tracks on users behavior; check out how easily examiners can review Prefetch and Superfetch to discover more about user's activity.


Master File Tables

Need to prove where the dates and times came from not just what your tool displayed? Check out BlackLight's ability to show how it carves data structures for items like MFT records.


Android Setup

Learn how to prepare an Android device for data collection in this short how-to video.


Aquire, reveal, and preserve the truth with Mobilyze

With over 4 billion smart devices on the planet, mobile digital data is now part of every investigation. Gaining immediate access to this forensic evidence is critical. Mobilyze allows investigators to acquire, view and preserve the data held on any iOS or Android device.


BlackLight: Tear Off File Content Viewer Tutorial

A brief overview of the new tear off 'File Content Viewer' in BlackLight.


BlackLight: Data Ingestion Tutorial

A brief overview of improved data ingestion in BlackLight.


BlackLight: Offline Maps Tutorial

A brief overview of improved offline maps' in BlackLight.


Blacklight: Log File Parsing

A look at BlackLight's ability to parse a couple of Windows log files showing disk activity: $LogFile and $UsnJrnl.


Blacklight: SQLite Queries

A look at running customized queries on a SQLite database in BlackLight.


Blacklight: Volume Shadow Copies

A look at analyzing Volume Shadow Copies with BlackLight.


MacQuisition: Imaging a Basic Fusion Drive

An instructional how-to video on imaging a Fusion Drive with MacQuisition.


MacQuisition: Imaging a FileVault 2 Fusion Drive

An instructional how-to video on imaging a FileVault 2 Apple Fusion Drive with MacQuisition.


Licensing Your Software Dongle

An instructional how-to video on licensing your software dongle.


Mobilyze: How-to Instructional

A how-to video on using BlackBag's Mobilyze.


MacQuisition: Imaging a FileVault 2 Encrypted Volume and BootCamp

A how-to video on imaging a FileVault 2 encrypted volume using MacQuisition.


BlackLight: The File Filter Tab

An overview on how BlackBag's BlackLight file filter will allow you to quickly sort through and analyze devices.



A video on how BlackBag's MacQuisition enables you to acquire target data and RAM collection from a live Mac computer.


MacQuisition Overview

An overview video on how BlackBag's MacQuisition enables you to acquire Apple Macintosh® systems in a simple and safe manner.


SoftBlock Overview

An overview on how BlackBag's SoftBlock write-blocks devices that are connected to Mac systems.